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baileywebsiteDog Adoption:

Why are so many dogs in shelters?

Dog owner education is the key to the shelter overpopulation problem, by choosing the right dog and getting involved in your dog’s care, from dog training to veterinary visits. Being a responsible pet owner and having your pet spayed or neutered is crucial to reducing the over population problem in our local shelters.

We try to do our part by thoroughly processing applications, not completing same day adoptions,  ensuring that we are choosing the best applicants possible for our orphans and my matching up each family with their ideal pet.




webcatCat Adoption:

Why are there so many cats in shelters?

Just as dog owner education is the key to the shelter dog overpopulation problem, cat owner education is the key to the cat overpopulation problem. Once more, spaying and neutering your cat(s) is VERY important to reducing the over population problem in our local shelters.   Studies found that cat owners who had unrealistic expectations, including companionship for a child, were more likely to surrender their cat to a shelter.



Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs


Alleviate the financial stress associated with your pet’s unexpected medical expenses and generate funds for our shelter at the same time! Simply apply for a ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program by using the ShelterCare banner-link.

Here’s how it works: ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs cover you when your pet needs essential veterinary care from an illness or injury. Also, every time a completed application for a ShelterCare program is generated through our shelter’s website, we automatically receive a $25 donation to help cover common needs like blankets, litter and food. This donation is of no cost to you and provides us with essential funds. Make the right move and enroll today!